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Food & Beverage Outlets

Toba Lounge

Serving a good variety of food and snacks, to be accompanied by entire selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Watch a cable movie, catch up with the news or simply relax at our warm indoor sofa area. For those inclined to have more fresh air, have a romantic dinner with a loved one or a serious chat with friends at the outdoor poolside section under the tent. Live music is available upon advance request for a fee.

Gundaling Restaurant

Our entire kitchen staff is ready to serve you 24 hours a day with a great selection of Asian and Western delicacies. Just enter and pick your favourite seats at the private indoor balcony, main dining hall or al fresco style at the sidewalk.

Entertainment Facilities

Galaxy Pub ( require prior notice )

The pub is used for legendary all-night parties during the festive seasons. At other times, this spacious indoor facility with a built-in stage is often reserved for private parties.

Romeo Karaoke

This is the ultimate place for you to practise your singing alone or with friends. Accomplished singers may boast their skills to an audience of strangers as well as friends. Celebrate your grandest moments in life or drown your moody ones here with a great selection of beverages and snacks. Feeling lonely? Get our DJ to recommend some songs and ask him or her to sing along ( but you are not allowed to buy the DJ a drink while he or she is on duty ).

Recreational Facilities


Outdoor Swimming Pool with Whirlpool

Massage Service ( require prior notice )

Tennis Court

Table Tennis

Other Facilities

Safe Deposit Box ( @ Front Office )

Business Centre

Free Parking

Laundry Service

Souvenir Shop

Personal Car Porch at all cottages